Thinking (2006)

So, there we were,
just talking.
I don’t even remember what about.
I’m sure he doesn’t either.
I don’t.
Because I was too busy
asking myself questions.
Is he making you uncomfortable?
Not really.
How about nervous?
The answers surprised me.
He was closer than anyone had ever been
and that was new
and new experiences aren’t always good.
Sometimes they hurt.
But I wasn’t afraid of that.
Oddly enough.
And I remember thinking
is he going to kiss me?
And did that make me nervous?
Do I want him to?
I wasn’t exactly sure.
And I was thinking
of how it would be
or what I would do
if he did.
I had butterflies
Right up until it happened.
Then I don’t know
what happened.
I think he made me
stop thinking.

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