Fall in the Forest (1977)

Summer slides into fall
Trees lose their leaves
Squirrels scamper along the branches
looking for nuts
The badger scurries to his sett
A frog
sitting on a lily pad
A busy kingfisher flies by
looking for food
A mouse
tired after hunting all night
snuggles down
in its nest
High above the trees mourning doves fly
calling summer’s end
Down by the stream
a raccoon hunts for fish
In the damp earth toadstools grow
A sleepy bear cub
snuggles into its mother’s fur
seeking warmth
High in the trees a woodpecker is busy
drilling a hole
The forest is alive
with the sound of robins getting ready
to fly south
for the winter
A fox, warming itself in the fall sun,
lifts its head sleepily
Two baby skunks, after arguing over a fish
finally give up
and return to their mother
Suddenly all is quiet
The fall moon rises over the trees
Another day ends in the forest.

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