too busy not to go to church

I rejected God, and the whole church deal for ages. In the past couple of years, though, something in my brain has shifted. I still have issues with “organized” religion, but I know for a fact, especially given my history (spina bifida, hydrocephalus, and alcoholism) that I would not still be on this earth had there not been some sort of divine intervention at some point in the past forty-seven (yikes!) years. I have seriously given joining the Morristown Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (MUUF in Morristown, NJ), a lot of thought of late. And with that said, I am once again off to church on this rainy Sunday, and grateful as hell to be able to go.

Derek Maul: Words, Photographs, and Food for the Journey

This has been a busy week; then it ran right into even busier weekend. And the work/fun is not anywhere near over yet.

That’s one reason I’m looking forward to church at WFPC Sunday morning. You see, church isn’t something I fit in when I’m not too busy; it’s something that rests, restores, and rejuvenates so I can deal with “busy” more creatively, in a more peaceable fashion, and with more joy.

So I’m not too busy to go to church; I’m too busy not to.

BUT WHAT IF YOU’RE “OVER” CHURCH? A friend reminded me this week that many people he knows may be open to Jesus, but they’re disenchanted with religion and pretty-much “done” with church. Maybe that’s you?

It turns out that I do a fair job when it comes to communicating faith… sometimes. But other times I use churchy language, and “insider” terminology, and tell “I’m-so-holy-you-might-want-to-shield-your-eyes” stories…

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