I Can Sleep Later

I Can Sleep Later. I reblogged the linked post from a favorite blog. Instead of a two legged child, like the author of the linked post, my beloved furry child, Sophie, whom I love dearly most mornings, has four. She woke me up before dark this morning. On a Sunday. Hours before I had any reason to be up. It was still dark, for crying out loud. No matter. To her, it was time for squeaky toys, breakfast, and barking. At 5:30 a.m. I mentioned it was (and still is) Sunday, right?. A day for rest and relaxation. Not if you’re a pomeranian apparently. I’d made the ghastly mistake of moving a limb in my sleep, I guess. She was immediately in my face, her brown eyes imploring me to open mine and devote the rest of my morning to Princess Sophie. Yes, I do spoil her rotten, but that’s hardly the point here.

Attempts to roll over and go back to sleep were foiled repeated, mostly with eyelid licks, or full body slams when those were ignored. Now Sophie is not your average pomeranian. No, she is large for her breed at twenty pounds. Being body slammed by a twenty pound canine gets one’s attention. Like her owner, she’s pretty damn persistent when she wants her way. Okay, so now we’re up. All’s good, right? Nope. Now the barking and carrying on starts. At quarter to six. In the morning. She will not be silenced. I’m aggravated, but trying not to laugh hysterically because she’s just comical. She wants what she wants when she wants it. Just like me. I grab my bathrobe and her leash, trying to shush her barking as we head to the door. She completely ignores me and at this point I’m positive that she’s woken everyone in the entire house up.

It had snowed a bit overnight and I’m really quite disgusted at the thought of venturing outside in the predawn hours. Of course, Sophie hates water, but snow is an entirely different matter. She LOVES the stuff! It was in the low 20’s, windy, and dark when she bounded down the deck stairs to take care of business this morning. The cold invigorates her. Me, not so much. Frostbite doesn’t much appeal to me. I’d be perfectly happy to stay indoors from now until April, but Sophie and I will be braving the cold again tomorrow morning. I just hope for my sake, not quite so ridiculously early!!!

Sophie in the snow after a storm last November

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