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I am going to have a holly, jolly Christmas this year, damn it.

I can’t hear “Feliz Navidad” too many times. Love it.

Those Christmas cookies better watch the fuck out.

In years past, I wasn’t feeling the whole yuletide joy thing. It was pure chaos for an entire month. I couldn’t wait for it to be over and done with. Go to the mall, spend oodles of money on useless crap. Wrapping, decorating, parties, until you feel like sticking a candy cane in your eye socket.

But this year is different.

1. I am broke. This means less gifts. Less gifts means less wrapping, which makes me very happy, because I seriously suck at it.

2. I can’t walk the stores for endless hours anymore. This year, I bought everything online, from the comfort of my ass cushion.

3. I don’t work, so no more painfully lame ass Christmas…

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