Merbear's World

I am afraid

I am fearful

I am angry

 In the pit of my stomach

It aches and moans

Can we have that day back again?

When we walked in the summer sun?

I want a long sip

From the cup of wellness

Never imagined it could empty

So abruptly

Life sucker punches you

It’s left me breathless

It hit below the belt

It sucker punched me

Into false submission

They say accept it

With grace and a crooked smile

But my smile is now in a foreign land

It no longer belongs

It doesn’t speak the language

In a world of meetings and accomplishments

I fall behind

 Tripping on myself

Eternal days spent staring at my eyelids

That would prefer to be open

Watching the play unfold

On the spotlighted stage

Instead of being the bystander

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