Little Green Inn for Wayward Dogs

“Is this shelter no-kill? I won’t support them unless they’re no-kill!”

OK, drag your judgmental butt out from behind that computer, drive on down to that “kill” shelter, and work as an unpaid volunteer to find lost owners, adoptive homes, and reputable rescues for every. single. dog. and. cat. in. the. facility. so that there will always be plenty of room for the flood of new intakes without warehousing animals. Go clean kennels. Donate food and litter and supplies every week. Take home every pet the pound has no room for, and rehome it yourself. Oh, and fund emergency vetting out of your pocket because the shelter’s budget can’t.

Then maybe you’ll stop asking imbecilic questions and making sweeping statements about situations you know nothing about. Those “kill shelters” – and the animals they house – need more help from the public, not less, not judgment and boycott.

Just checked…

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