Fuck It Friday

My sentiments exactly today.

Merbear's World

I’d like to thank ES for the inspiration on this cold ass fucking morning. Without him, I wouldn’t have made this badge thingy.


That’s right, today is my first ever edition of Fuck It Friday. I know, right? Don’t get too excited though, because I’m not exactly sure how this will go. I mean, do I just go on a rant and swear? Or do I not write anything and just post memes that include the word fuck?


Not everyone swears. I get this and respect it. There are times when I don’t, such as when I see a doctor or am on the phone with a bill collector. (Although I really want to use colorful language with the water company.) But, I am a lady when I need to be.

That’s when the word “whatever” comes in handy. Saying whatever to somebody is basically a nicer way of telling…

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