About Harley’s Passing

Harley's Dream

We wrote the following to provide answers to the many questions we’ve been asked; and also because we feel it’s important for everyone to know these details. Harley was YOUR special little dog, too, after all.

We never compromised when it came to Harley’s health and well-being. All of Harley’s doctors were specialists and he received the absolute best care possible. He had some medical issues which were well under control, thanks to his incredible medical staff; none of his ongoing medical issues played a contributing factor in his death.

In the last 2 weeks of Harley’s life, a neurological problem became apparent. His doctors were in the process of trying to isolate the problem in a non-invasive way. Harley had 3 very short (4-5 seconds) seizures within a matter of a few days. A complete neurological exam, blood work, x-rays and an echo-cardiogram were done. We chose not to…

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