Stupid Sh*t Back Yard Breeders Say Part II

This is the kind of BS that I have zero tolerance for. NONE.


Scribbles, Quotes & Cognitive Musing

(( Warning…. Curse words will be used in this blog post.))

Honest to God folks….. BSL advocates and Back Yard Breeders are pretty much nose to nose when it comes to being some of the biggest pieces of crap that walk this earth. So, let me make my view /stance on back yard breeders clear:

Dear Backyard Breeders,


I’m writing to inform you that, you are a piece of shit. Not just a regular piece of shit, but like a HUGE steamy pile of shit. I’m not sure if you are aware, or if you actually care, but dogs are being killed daily in shelters because of people like you. I know, you think your unpapered unregistered mutt is SO AWESOME and rare, but the reality is… they aren’t.  Those cute little puppies are a dime a dozen and pieces of shit like you are breeding them every day.

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