Cloaking Inequity

Facebook just deleted my profile photo. A cartoon which I thought was quite humorous and already had more than 100 likes.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 6.54.28 AM

I wish I had the photoshop talent/exactatude to make such a cool and funny image, but the credit for designing it goes to Susan D. More Facebook censorship on behalf of the corporate education reformers.

We discussed the coordinated Facebook censorship of Teach For America posts in the first ten minutes of the Truth For American episode with Diane Ravitch that was taped LIVE at the Network For Public Education Conference.

I suspect the same education reformer internet black ops is responsible.

Oh, and Facebook also blocked me from posting.

For more background on the debate with Shavar Jefferies, DFER president, that he didn’t want to happen check out Will @ShavarJeffries chicken out? and DFERs should be nervous. Serious. Many Thank you’s! and Shavar Jeffries of DFER Cancels Debate with…

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