The Post-Kavanaugh, PTSD Experience

Dogpaddling Through Life

The Kavanaugh nomination has elicited in me a response that I did not at all expect: Terror.

Welcome to the politically-generated mass triggering of survivors who are dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Oh, and fuck you too Lindsey Graham!

For me it started during the hearing last Thursday, and has been a week of practicing every skill at my disposal to feel what I feel and acknowledge the terror as valid, even if I cannot match a specific memory to the feeling. For you doubters, first of all, fuck off. Then imagine sitting quietly in your home and suddenly feeling like your chest is sporting an open, gaping wound that burns as if it’s on fire while simultaneously experiencing overwhelming fear and having to remind yourself to breathe. Through all that, try to write down your feelings because you don’t want to fucking feel this way for the rest of…

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