‘Twas The Fight Before Christmas (Trigger Warning)

‘Twas the fight before christmas and all through the house
Shrieked one final scream of a drunken man’s spouse
As she lay on the floor, not one eye did she flutter
When the final punch came, not one word did she mutter
The children were crying, hid under their beds
With visions of dad hitting mum in their heads
And mum in her nightdress, all covered in blood
Covering their ears as they heard every thud
When out on the front, neighbours started to chatter
Yet nobody came to see what was the matter
They were used to the sounds of the screams from the mother
“They’re at it again”, remarked one to the other
See this wasn’t the first time but would now be the last
The abuse and the torment ingrained in her past
But he tells her he’s sorry, he’ll promise he’ll change
Each time she forgives him and a kiss they’ll exchange
She once tried to leave, found the courage one day
Got the kids in the car, found a place far away
But she went running back, like the good little wife
When he text her and threatened to take his own life
So she’ll put on her makeup to cover her black eyes
The marks on her body with clothes she’ll disguise
With a smile on the outside she’ll mask how she feels
On the inside it seems like the wound never heals
It’s all good for a while and he stops with the booze
He knows if he keeps drinking, his family he’ll lose
But it was Christmas Eve and one drink wouldn’t harm
And again she’ll forgive him when he turns on the charm
So down with the whiskey, one after the next
All it took was the wife to be writing a text
Then jealousy took over, ran right through his veins
He knows she’ll forgive him when consciousness she regains
With the stump of a joint he held tight in his lips
His hands around her neck and tighter he grips
Then he clenches his fist, gives a blow to her belly
She’s shaking with fright and her legs turn to jelly
He was big and was muscular, a right jolly big bloke
She was slim and petite , very softly she spoke
With a knee to her ribs and punches to her head
She fell to floor and with that, she was dead
He slumped on the chair, drifted off to dreamland
Empty bottle of whiskey still clutched in his hand
The kids took their chance and crept down to their mum
Lifeless on the floor from the blows she’d succumb!
Twas the night before Christmas but she didn’t know then
She’d never spend Christmas with her kids again
For this time was that one time that he hit her too hard
Now the children, forever will be mentally scarred
So if you’re a victim of domestic abuse
Waking each morning, with yet one more bruise
Please always remember, you’re worth so much more
Pack all your things and walk out through that door!
Cause it won’t be the last time and you know in your heart
That somewhere down the line when the arguments start
The punches will follow then they’ll apologize again
And remember, abusers, are not always men!
So spring to your sleigh and blow hard on that whistle
Spread your wings and fly, like the down of a thistle
And never look back until you’re well out of sight
You think you’re worth more? Well my dear, you are right.
All copyright owned by Jay Hambleton ©

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