Thoughts about Guns.
Prayers for Legislation

You know the story of the man on a roof in a flood.

( Let’s make that the daily mass shootings)

He was praying to God for help.

(Let’s make that the ubiquitous “thoughts and prayers.”)

You know how this story goes.
A rowboat comes…

(We try to ban assault weapons. The Gun Lobby blitzes the news and the politicians in their pockets with it’s “Too soon.” It’s time to offer thoughts and prayers.

A motorboat comes…

(We try limiting the sale of guns…
Ironically, gun sales this year are at a record high)

A helicopter comes…

(Victims’ families and the survivors and their families plead for strong gun regulations.)

But we don’t listen or accept the help in front of us.

We let the Gun Lobbyists and TV pundits set the narrative. It’s always “Too soon.” It is always “Thoughts and Prayers.”

How many times will the dead get to heaven asking God why God didn’t save them?

What will God say?

I sent you thoughts and prayers!
Or I sent you a functioning government!

Why didn’t you pass the legislation?
Why didn’t you restrict the access?
Why didn’t narrow the scope of use?

Each time we could have learned and created stronger gun use laws. Each time we had a chance to save the next group.

We are drowning in the blood of our children and our fellow citizens.

Do we need more thoughts and prayers or stronger regulations?

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