Right to Life

By Marge Percy A woman is not a pear treethrusting her fruit into mindless fecundityinto the world. Even pear trees bearheavily one year and rest and grow the next.An orchard gone wild drops few warm rottingfruit in the grass but the trees stretchhigh and wiry gifting the birds fortyfeet up among inch long thornsbroken atavistically … Continue reading Right to Life

Gabby Petitto

Important lessons to learn from Gabby’s tragic life and death. Based on the body camera video posted by the officers who pulled Gabby and her fiancé over for suspicious driving, some viewers assumed Gabby was suffering from mental illness and Brian was the stable one.Some people may have assumed both partners were equally abusive and … Continue reading Gabby Petitto

‘Twas The Fight Before Christmas (Trigger Warning)

'Twas the fight before christmas and all through the house Shrieked one final scream of a drunken man's spouse As she lay on the floor, not one eye did she flutter When the final punch came, not one word did she mutter The children were crying, hid under their beds With visions of dad hitting … Continue reading ‘Twas The Fight Before Christmas (Trigger Warning)