Detoxing From The Devil

So Long Sociopath

This is your brain on a Sociopath… your moral compass is off, it points directly to their needs. Your focus is blurry, you find no joy in everyday things, you find no solace in simplicity, there is none. The you that once lived life for life now lives for a drug that was injected into your soul not by choice but by force.

Like a tumor it grew inside of you taking up space it did not deserve, this addiction was not your desire, it was beaten into you with every silent treatment, it was bred in you with every harmful word, it was a necessary to their evil and now you, the victim have to face the pain of detoxing, in the long run it will be less painful than the daily dose of the Devil… but how?

I would daydream about the day I would leave him…

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How To Protect Yourself From Becoming A Victim

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How to avoid getting hooked up with another narcissist is the million dollar question. No one wants to lock themselves up for the rest of their lives; just thankful to be off the emotional roller coaster you were on with the narcissist, but sometimes it seems like the only option to keeping your heart safe. There are women out there who have been abused by a narcissist or psychopath, survived and gone on to fall in love with a wonderful man and live happily ever after so it is possible for you too.

It is impossible to identify a narcissist just from looking, they come in all shapes and sizes and because they take on many of the characteristics of their target it can seem impossible or overwhelming to think about trying to figure out if a guy is the real thing or memorex. We want love to be fun…

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