I Won't Take It

Here we are again at the second most commercial American Holiday. For those of you not aware, this is the red hearts holiday, as opposed to the red and white candy cane one.

I’ve always had a problem with V-day. It’s so fake. So contrived. So commercial. So fucking stupid. Even as a kid, I resented having to give everyone in class a cheap little card when mostly I hated them all. Oh, Miss Sofie had no use for the imbeciles she was forced to spend time with every day. If she could have stooped so low as to use curse words, she would have sounded like a sailor describing the wild animals in class.

But this isn’t about childhood trauma. This post is all about that most “romantic” of days – Valentine’s Day.

God I hate the hypocrisy of V-day. Last year was the first V-day in 25 years…

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How To Protect Yourself From Becoming A Victim

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How to avoid getting hooked up with another narcissist is the million dollar question. No one wants to lock themselves up for the rest of their lives; just thankful to be off the emotional roller coaster you were on with the narcissist, but sometimes it seems like the only option to keeping your heart safe. There are women out there who have been abused by a narcissist or psychopath, survived and gone on to fall in love with a wonderful man and live happily ever after so it is possible for you too.

It is impossible to identify a narcissist just from looking, they come in all shapes and sizes and because they take on many of the characteristics of their target it can seem impossible or overwhelming to think about trying to figure out if a guy is the real thing or memorex. We want love to be fun…

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Unreasonable Expectations

Onward…one step at a time.

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I think many victims of narcissistic abuse are high achievers and like I have pointed out before they are responsible, caring and hard working individuals; which makes it understandable that the narcissist was able to manipulate them into “trying harder” and thinking they could fix the relationship and the narcissist and were willing to put in the time and effort to do so. We have high expectations of ourselves and never want to give up and admit defeat, we tell ourselves that if we were a little more understanding, if we explained in a way the N could understand, maybe if we never had a bad mood or got angry, if we had no expectations of the N and accepted him as he is, or if we love him unconditionally enough he will reciprocate. 

It makes sense that we would be hard on ourselves then, when we aren’t able to…

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