10 Reasons I’d Rather Have A Dog Than A Boyfriend

Gospel. Every single word.

Reimer Reason

1. My dog loves me unconditionally

2. My dog is always happy to see me come home

3. My dog is always home when I get home

4. My dog is a better judge of character than I am and never second guesses her instincts

5. My dog will sit and listen to me for hours and never interrupt and never rolls her eyes and says “do we have to talk about this again! ?”

6. My dog never takes the remote

7. My dog never argues with me

8. My dog is loyal and would run away from anyone who tried to take her away from me, no matter how good looking they are or what car they drive

9. My dog doesn’t care where we live or how much money or possessions I have; as long as she is with me

10. My dog makes me laugh every…

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“Puddle Jumper” Photography by Matthew Cortellesi

Congratulations, Matthew! Your pictures are fabulous!



I’ve been on a binge watch of “Human Planet” this week.  Not sure how I missed it in 2011 when it came out, but it is certainly anthropologically addictive.   The program covers humans living in the most extreme conditions from icebergs to the high plains of Tibet.  Most interesting perhaps is the final segment which focuses on cities.  3 billion of us reside in unnatural environments which may in fact be the most challenging conditions.

Explorer Matthew Cortellesi braves the streets of New York with his Galaxy phone to reflect on the state of the planet.  His brilliant photography is taken from a fresh angle through puddles in Union Square.  You can follow his feed on instagram matthew_cortellesi or message him to snag a marvelous 15″ X 20″ print.


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A Dark Mood Worsened …

Filosofa's Word

I awakened in a dark mood this morning, made even darker when I came downstairs, fired up the baby Dell, and sat down with my first cup of coffee of the day, only two read two news stories about the continuing saga of idiocy that defines the Oval Office these days …

Pomp and Circumstance Trump-Style

It was one of those “wtf” moments when I read that Trump wants the Pentagon to stage a military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue.  WHY???  Military parades are the tools of dictators and autocrats to show, not strength, but might. A power trip, nothing more, nothing less.  And at whose expense?  Take a wild guess.

Trump’s egomaniacal military parade is likely to cost this country millions of dollars.  A country that is already unable to pay its debt, a country with no universal healthcare, with an education system going down the tubes, a country…

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