Lost Dog! (Northern NJ)

This is a last ditch effort. I am sharing the above pictures for a friend. This is Gracie. She is a five year old Cairn Terrier that belongs to a friend of mine. Gracie, a puppy mill survivor, ran away five days ago. Her family is frantic. PLEASE, if any of my readers live in … Continue reading Lost Dog! (Northern NJ)

If You Don’t Like It, Pee On It And Walk Away

So The Weird One starts pacing so I naturally assume she needs to relieve herself. I'm in no state to take her for a hike, seeing as my foot is still in this honkin' big ass plastic boot, and my torso is constricted in a plastic corset not of my own making, but the front … Continue reading If You Don’t Like It, Pee On It And Walk Away

I Can Sleep Later

I Can Sleep Later. I reblogged the linked post from a favorite blog. Instead of a two legged child, like the author of the linked post, my beloved furry child, Sophie, whom I love dearly most mornings, has four. She woke me up before dark this morning. On a Sunday. Hours before I had any … Continue reading I Can Sleep Later

Almost Normal

A little over an hour ago, we were preparing dinner by lamplight, as we have every night since the hurricane that was Sandy blew through here ten days ago, when suddenly, the lights came back on. I've been so accustomed to darkness that it took a minute to realize that we actually had light. May … Continue reading Almost Normal