If Trump Derangement Syndrome is Real—Trump Has it. — john pavlovitz

Trump Derangement Syndrome. This is the go-to insult hurled by current supporters of this President; a catch-all bit of gaslighting designed to malign the emotional state and mental faculties of decent, rational human beings who push back against his legislative assaults on marginalized people, who are sickened by his boundless cruelty, who bear witness to…… via … Continue reading If Trump Derangement Syndrome is Real—Trump Has it. — john pavlovitz

A Poem for Women in Recovery


“I’m Sorry” by Nancy P.

On a recent episode of The Bubble Hour (Nancy’s Story S7 E23), a poem was shared that touched many listeners. I’ve since been swamped with requests for a copy, and I’m pleased to make it available to you here in print and audio form. My gratitude to Nancy for her vulnerability and courage in telling her story and reading her poem.

Click here for audio of “I’m Sorry”:

excerpt from “The Bubble Hour” Season 7 Episode 23 (Nancy’s Story)


I always said “I’m sorry”
for everything I did
I think that it began
When I was just a kid.

I’m sorry that I’m little
I’m sorry I get mad
I’m sorry if I’m not as smart
As my mom or dad.

I’m sorry that I’m shy
And that my chest is flat.
I’m sorry I’m not ready
To do the stuff…

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