Mystery bird!

Arrived home this afternoon to find a very large white bird with a black-fringed tail perched in a tree in the neighbors yard. Never seen anything like it in this part of north western New Jersey (or anywhere else, actually). I'm thinking it was a snowy owl, but as of this writing, I am unsure. … Continue reading Mystery bird!

Communing with nature

I love nature, always have. There is just something about watching wild animals or looking out over the mountains, which this time of year are splendidly colorful, that i find really peaceful. Fall is gorgeous in my neck of the woods. A few hours ago I was out in the back (which is basically woods) … Continue reading Communing with nature

I Don’t Do Nothing Well (or just another day at the Kirby Zoo)

Before you get your panties in a bunch and call me out on my grammar, sentence structure, spelling, or anything else that might be interpreted as you being a "Grammar Nazi", think about this title. I put it there for a reason. A day or so ago, thanks to long-standing and very annoying dizziness, I … Continue reading I Don’t Do Nothing Well (or just another day at the Kirby Zoo)

Fall in the Forest (1977)

Summer slides into fall Trees lose their leaves Squirrels scamper along the branches looking for nuts The badger scurries to his sett A frog sitting on a lily pad croaks A busy kingfisher flies by looking for food A mouse tired after hunting all night snuggles down in its nest High above the trees mourning … Continue reading Fall in the Forest (1977)