Gabby Petitto

Important lessons to learn from Gabby’s tragic life and death. Based on the body camera video posted by the officers who pulled Gabby and her fiancé over for suspicious driving, some viewers assumed Gabby was suffering from mental illness and Brian was the stable one.Some people may have assumed both partners were equally abusive and … Continue reading Gabby Petitto

‘Twas The Fight Before Christmas (Trigger Warning)

'Twas the fight before christmas and all through the house Shrieked one final scream of a drunken man's spouse As she lay on the floor, not one eye did she flutter When the final punch came, not one word did she mutter The children were crying, hid under their beds With visions of dad hitting … Continue reading ‘Twas The Fight Before Christmas (Trigger Warning)

Appearances (on PTSD)–Trigger Warning–

Picking Up the Pieces

I still see his face from time to time

lurking in the shadows

undulating in and out of visibility as the branches bend and sway

in the wind that disguises his voice into an indiscernible drone

that still manages to fill my heart with terror in its silence.

Still I hear the words echoing out as they play across bare, dried bark

tired from the battles waged in the winter months and in desperate want of rain.

He hisses at me from the past

warning me that he isn’t really gone.

It only seems that way

as I walk into the store, carelessly strolling and meandering through the fluorescent rivers of tile

parting the tension in the air like the waters of the Red Sea.

His footfalls silently shuffle along beside me

as he watches my every move,

hands tucked behind his back,

eyes piercing holes through my skull and

suspiciously analyzing…

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Detoxing From The Devil

So Long Sociopath

This is your brain on a Sociopath… your moral compass is off, it points directly to their needs. Your focus is blurry, you find no joy in everyday things, you find no solace in simplicity, there is none. The you that once lived life for life now lives for a drug that was injected into your soul not by choice but by force.

Like a tumor it grew inside of you taking up space it did not deserve, this addiction was not your desire, it was beaten into you with every silent treatment, it was bred in you with every harmful word, it was a necessary to their evil and now you, the victim have to face the pain of detoxing, in the long run it will be less painful than the daily dose of the Devil… but how?

I would daydream about the day I would leave him…

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