Home – 2013

angry words stab like a sword get out of my face a quiet anger vitriolic haunting please yourself a fine line between love and hate you ripped my heart out my lover my tormentor how could you be so cruel? shattered broken humiliated I didn't deserve this with clenched fist and gnashed teeth no longer … Continue reading Home – 2013

Raggedy Anne I Am Not (2013)

I am not a rag doll you can use (and abuse) then toss aside when you're done playing. It doesn't work that way - at least not in my world. I gave you nearly everything. But I tell you this - you will never take my soul. So play your games have your fun. As … Continue reading Raggedy Anne I Am Not (2013)

Fall in the Forest (1977)

Summer slides into fall Trees lose their leaves Squirrels scamper along the branches looking for nuts The badger scurries to his sett A frog sitting on a lily pad croaks A busy kingfisher flies by looking for food A mouse tired after hunting all night snuggles down in its nest High above the trees mourning … Continue reading Fall in the Forest (1977)