Rethinking Success

Be happy wherever you are in life. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed to anyone.


Mary Muncil ♡ Spiritual Counseling

A few weeks ago, I went on a trip with my brother to Florida. On our drive back home, we stopped at a Wendy’s in North Carolina. The woman who took our order was in her 40’s or 50’s…I couldn’t really tell, but she had a light within her that felt like a warm hug. It was so comforting to be in her presence for those few minutes as she asked what we wanted and took our money. The restaurant was busy, but she didn’t seem rushed.

She looked into my eyes when she spoke…and she smiled. It was obvious that she wasn’t wrapped up in her own mind, or lamenting that at her age, she should be somewhere other than working at Wendy’s. She wasn’t complaining about her lot, or her life, or the state of the world.

She was present. And maybe I noticed it because it seems…

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Is Cursive Handwriting Dead?

Is Cursive Handwriting Dead?. This hit home. While the advances in technology (computers, etc.) are wonderful in many ways, the demise of the handwritten note is a sad event indeed. No one just "writes" anymore. The days of running to the mailbox knowing a handwritten note from a beloved relative or friend was waiting to … Continue reading Is Cursive Handwriting Dead?

Article: Why Some People Sabotage Their Own Happiness

I have to admit I am guilty of this. Not so much now, but in the past. It was almost as if I would not, or COULD NOT allow myself the happiness I deserve. "Laughter, like a drenching rain, settles the dust, cleans and brightens the world around us, and changes our whole perspective." ~ … Continue reading Article: Why Some People Sabotage Their Own Happiness

Resistance is futile…

Ok, so I wasn't going to do this, as I want to focus more on the written word than anything else. That's out the proverbial window now. I'm an avid animal lover, and share a home with my boyfriend, 23 (yes, you read that right!) birds of various kinds, an occasional errant chipmunk, and a … Continue reading Resistance is futile…