The Hill We Climb by Amanda Gorman

When day comes, we ask ourselves, where can we find light in this never-ending shade? The loss we carry. A sea we must wade. We braved the belly of the beast. We’ve learned that quiet isn’t always peace, and the norms and notions of what “just” is isn’t always justice. And yet the dawn is … Continue reading The Hill We Climb by Amanda Gorman

Happy New Year!

Look to this day, For it is life, The very life of life. In its brief course lie all The realities and verities of existence, The bliss of growth, The splendor of action, The glory of power-- For yesterday is but a dream, And tomorrow is only a vision, But today, well lived, Makes every … Continue reading Happy New Year!

Home – 2013

angry words stab like a sword get out of my face a quiet anger vitriolic haunting please yourself a fine line between love and hate you ripped my heart out my lover my tormentor how could you be so cruel? shattered broken humiliated I didn't deserve this with clenched fist and gnashed teeth no longer … Continue reading Home – 2013

Ode to Thanks by Pablo Neruda

Thanks to the word that says thanks! Thanks to thanks, word that melts iron and snow! The world is a threatening place until thanks makes the rounds from one pair of lips to another, soft as a bright feather and sweet as a petal of sugar, filling the mouth with its sound or else a … Continue reading Ode to Thanks
by Pablo Neruda