Love, Unlimited

I wasn't looking for a pomeranian at all and had actually gone to look at the possibility of adopting another of the dogs that were available. The one I was interested in proved too much to handle.  I noticed two pomeranians in crates next to one another. One was yapping hysterically, but the other was … Continue reading Love, Unlimited

Paris Hilton Needs (Another) Reality Check

The View from a Drawbridge

Okay, I’m disgusted. Paris Hilton just spent $13,000.00 on what is supposedly the world’s smallest Pomeranian. This is wrong on so many levels.

First of all, do you have any idea how many dogs could be rescued with that amount of money? (Neither do I. But I guarantee you it’s a crap-load.) At a time when city budgets are being squeezed and therefore cause massive monetary cutbacks in shelters everywhere, this money would have made a huge difference. A lot of dogs could be spayed or neutered for that kind of money, thus reducing the amount of suffering strays.

Another thing is that now a lot of people are going to want micro-Pomeranians. Granted, the dog is cute. But breeding freaks of nature needs to be discouraged, not encouraged, because when you start overbreeding these dogs, health issues creep in and it’s the animal that ultimately suffers for its cuteness.

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Gimme shelter!

I strongly believe in pet adoption. The more I read, the more disgusted I am with the whole puppy mill situation. If only people would think before buying from a pet store. I'm guilty myself. Years ago, I bought two pug puppies from a pet store in Florida. Not once did I consider where they … Continue reading Gimme shelter!