The Ten Commandments Of Dog Training And Ownership

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By Los Angeles Dog Trainer Sean O’Shea

1) Thou shalt not pet, soothe, or share soft energy with a nervous, fearful, anxious, or aggressive dog.
I unfortunately still see this one all the time, even with really smart owners (and I totally understand why). While this behavior can be useful when applied to humans who are distressed, when it comes to our dogs, they read these interactions as reinforcement and agreement of their distressed state of mind – which means you’re very likely see more of the behavior, both frequency-wise and intensity-wise. It’s also a reminder of the lack of confident, strong, dependable leadership energy you represent, which causes more stress and anxiety and creates more emotional fallout – nothing is more terrifying for a nervous, insecure, fearful dog than to feel that he/she is the strongest, most powerful presence in his/her world.

2) Thou shalt not let your on-leash…

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